Clean House? No problem….

Pardon my absence for a little bit lol I have been running ramped with trying to get vendor events going, advertise for them, chase goats in the yard, facing cattle road blocks, hubby working overtime, mailing out samples galore for my perfectly posh and trying to keep a clean house while trying to celebrate my birthday this month… what a hot hot mess!! I run two business from home: Perfectly Posh ( & Usborne Books ( Since this is my blog I am going to be honest this is not easy!! I mean come on people once you try Posh you will never go back to Wal-Mart again, but getting people to try it is like pulling eye teeth, seriously you will buy from big cooperation but not small town mom? I don’t understand this! As for books well that should be self explanatory… kids need to read, hell everybody needs to in this digital age. Who doesn’t love cracking open a new book with that hypnotic smell? I know I do! This is momma manda signing off for another day in paradise! Praise the Lord and have a great day y’all

Hump Day

If you remember the little post about how days are not your enemy how you are your greatest enemy. I guess today I am my own worst enemy! Being a housewife is hard! I honestly miss working sometimes, but then I think to myself tackling the whole go to work and the same duties I am faced with everyday… No thank you. I really don’t miss it plus living out in the boonies doesn’t help matters either or the fact that there is no good daycares in this area! I know this is going to sound strange but I really can’t afford to work, it would be basically me paying them to hire me, yeah sounds weird but it is true. I have done the math and it would cost me more to get a job so I just do what I do best and stay at home for the time being. Yes like I said I do miss work, the social interaction, the sense of accomplishment and the feeling at the end of the day that you actually accomplished something. Wow read that last sentence again! It is almost the same thing as being a housewife with only a few exceptions lol πŸ˜‰ For instance I miss adult conversations, but find it entertaining to hear a 3 year olds perspective on life. I get a sense of accomplishment with I get my tasks completed but then the small humans will tear through the house like a tornado and then I get to do it all again the next day, honestly can be very mundane just like a job in the “real world”. As for accomplishing tasks well I do that everyday too! I guess I just need to learn how to appreciate the little things in life and I believe that we all forget to do that sometimes.

Many Names, Same Person

Okay so yeah I have several names that I go by… why? Good question lol πŸ˜‰ No I do not have split personalities, so don’t panic I am fairly normal for the most part. Let’s start with Dawn my middle name that I swear my parents named me after dishwashing soap, but never the less I like it or better yet I am stuck with it, which leads me to my first name Amanda, seriously named after a country song, go ahead google it! I have even been called Amber on serval occasions, now that remains a mystery to me because I don’t even know where that came from but still people are determined that that is my name, so se la vie I just go with the flow. Now for my nickname that everyone thinks is just so cool, like wow how did she get the nickname Murphy? As cute as it sounds it is a curse, I am the most unluckiest Irish woman in history! I am literally the embodiment of Murphy’s Law, that is the definition of my life. So there you have it the innate, any thing but mundane of my names.

Yet Another Monday….

I honestly do not get why Monday’s get such a bad rap! This day did not cause our problems yet somehow we all feel the need to blame an inanimate figure of our imaginations. Yet another Monday gets blamed for the issues that plague our lives just like any other day of the week. Whoo Hoo for Friday because something good happens like payday baby! Hump day because we are halfway though yet another week. Week after week another Monday will appear, another Wednesday and another Friday. Oh we can’t forget Monday’s evil sister Tuesday, like seriously what did these days of the week do to you? We are tasked everyday that we wake up to make each day count! So what if we changed these dreaded days of the week to something wonderful such as Marvelous/Monday, Thoughtful/Tuesday, Wacky/Wednesday, Thirsty/Thursday, Fabulous/Friday, Serene/Saturday, Satisfying/Sunday! Your state of mind determines what day you are going to have, your attitude determines what day you are going to have, so don’t let a Monday define you. You are the master of your happiness so make it a good one and have a Marvelous Day!

Hello Sunshines!

Okay so as you can tell from the title lol welcome to Momma Manda’s page! My small human calls me that, too cute! I am a stay at home mom with 3 wonderful children. My oldest Aidan is already 11 years old!! Damn I feel old πŸ˜‰ My one and only daughter Astrid is 9 years old!! My youngest small human Adam is only 3 years old, yeah I didn’t know when to quit πŸ˜‰ As of right now I have Adam in my lap while watching Posh Night. I am a Perfectly Posh consultant #scrubbydubbyposh is like the best line of pampering products you could ever buy and no I am not just saying that TRUST ME!! This stuff is amaze balls you can find out more at I also sell children’s books from Usborne and yeah I know technology is taking the win and book stores are shutting down everywhere, but I just love the smell of new books and flipping the pages. Call me old school but I just love a good book. You can find out more at my store We are also farmers and ranchers so yes it is a blessing to be a stay at home mom. Super Busy & Super Tired lol and I love it!!