Many Names, Same Person

Okay so yeah I have several names that I go by… why? Good question lol 😉 No I do not have split personalities, so don’t panic I am fairly normal for the most part. Let’s start with Dawn my middle name that I swear my parents named me after dishwashing soap, but never the less I like it or better yet I am stuck with it, which leads me to my first name Amanda, seriously named after a country song, go ahead google it! I have even been called Amber on serval occasions, now that remains a mystery to me because I don’t even know where that came from but still people are determined that that is my name, so se la vie I just go with the flow. Now for my nickname that everyone thinks is just so cool, like wow how did she get the nickname Murphy? As cute as it sounds it is a curse, I am the most unluckiest Irish woman in history! I am literally the embodiment of Murphy’s Law, that is the definition of my life. So there you have it the innate, any thing but mundane of my names.

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