Yet Another Monday….

I honestly do not get why Monday’s get such a bad rap! This day did not cause our problems yet somehow we all feel the need to blame an inanimate figure of our imaginations. Yet another Monday gets blamed for the issues that plague our lives just like any other day of the week. Whoo Hoo for Friday because something good happens like payday baby! Hump day because we are halfway though yet another week. Week after week another Monday will appear, another Wednesday and another Friday. Oh we can’t forget Monday’s evil sister Tuesday, like seriously what did these days of the week do to you? We are tasked everyday that we wake up to make each day count! So what if we changed these dreaded days of the week to something wonderful such as Marvelous/Monday, Thoughtful/Tuesday, Wacky/Wednesday, Thirsty/Thursday, Fabulous/Friday, Serene/Saturday, Satisfying/Sunday! Your state of mind determines what day you are going to have, your attitude determines what day you are going to have, so don’t let a Monday define you. You are the master of your happiness so make it a good one and have a Marvelous Day!

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