Clean House? No problem….

Pardon my absence for a little bit lol I have been running ramped with trying to get vendor events going, advertise for them, chase goats in the yard, facing cattle road blocks, hubby working overtime, mailing out samples galore for my perfectly posh and trying to keep a clean house while trying to celebrate my birthday this month… what a hot hot mess!! I run two business from home: Perfectly Posh ( & Usborne Books ( Since this is my blog I am going to be honest this is not easy!! I mean come on people once you try Posh you will never go back to Wal-Mart again, but getting people to try it is like pulling eye teeth, seriously you will buy from big cooperation but not small town mom? I don’t understand this! As for books well that should be self explanatory… kids need to read, hell everybody needs to in this digital age. Who doesn’t love cracking open a new book with that hypnotic smell? I know I do! This is momma manda signing off for another day in paradise! Praise the Lord and have a great day y’all